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Mon Mar 22 20:32:47 CET 1999

    John W Baxter <jwblist at olympus.net> posted to the mailman-users
    list (in part):

> And we can't change now, since our [Majordomo] users are trained that
> way [to use *-owner for reaching a human], although when we switch to
> Mailman (not before 1.0 non-beta) we will retrain them to the Web.

    Our problem is that our ListProc subscribers (11,732 distinct e-mail
    addresses spread across 398 lists, managed by 202 distinct owners) 
    are already trained to use *-request to contact the human.  What I am
    going to have to hope is that given the wonderful web interface of
    mailman, few if any will complain about the change.  :-)

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