[Mailman-Users] patch to fix the alias-wrapper.c

Roger Peña Escobio roger at infomed.sld.cu
Tue Mar 23 03:27:13 CET 1999

few days ago we discuses about aliases file, well... this my patch of
mailman-1.0b9  to fix alias-wrapper, also fix newlist.
this patch also changes the rmlist file, including an rmaliases programs
(rmalias-wrapper.c, this programs edit the aliases file when you eliminate a
list ).
Of course, you are free to apply the patch or not, but if will do it look
inside first, see what it will do and if you agree, ¡¡ great !!! lets do it

this line are for the brave souls :-) who like apply the patch

1-move the patch to the source dir , for example , /usr/local/src if mailman
source is in /usr/local/src/mailman-1.0b9
2-rename the alias-wrapper.c source to addalias-wrapper.c , it is, mv
./mailman-1.0b9/src/alias-wrapper.c ./mailman-1.0b9/src/addalias-wrapper.c
3-exec the command : patch -p0 < mailman-1.0b9-patch-r.patch
4- if you dont get any estrange line or question every thing was fine, if
not ...... check if you really have the mailman-1.0b9 version or if you are
in the correct dir.
5- everything is ok ? great, now put the rmalias-wrapper.c into the src dir,
it is ./mailman-1.0b9/src/
6-now you have to check some "little" thing, first of all , my aliases file
for mailman is /etc/mailman/aliases, you can change that editing the
addalias-wrapper.c and rmalias-wrapper.c, is really simple, take a look, I
dont know if mailman user can edit the /etc/aliases file ( I think he cant)
but in the other way I prefer to have two aliases file one for system alias
and another for mailman alias, if I convince you about two alias, you will
have to change your sendmail.cf and create the /etc/mailman/ dir :
    6.1-creating the /etc/mailman/ dir : #mkdir /etc/mailman ; chgrp mailman
/etc/mailman ; chmod 755 /etc/mailman
    6.2-changing the sendmail.cf: do this really depend on your OS , in
RedHat you have to do this:
            cd /usr/lib/sendmail-cf/cf/
            edit your *.mc , if you never do this before ( if you have the
sendmail.cf from distribution) your *.mc is redhat.mc, put this line
            exec the command : #m4 ../m4/cf.m4 redhat.mc > myhost.cf
            make a copy of your old sendmail.cf : #cp /etc/sendmail.cf
            copy the new *.cf file to /etc/sendmail.cf: #cp myhost.cf
            restart sendmail: #/etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail restart
            and thats all !!!! are you still with me ???? :-)
    6.3-check if you have /var/tmp dir , addalias-wrapper.c and
rmalias-wrapper.c need it temporally, redhat already have but other OS dont
7-the only thing that rest is run autoconf INSIDE mailman source , it is :
#cd /usr/local/mailman-1.0b9 ; autoconf
    that is for make configure from configure.in
8-well, if you do all above you really have my mailman ready to install, so
install it :-))

a final words.... maybe you think something like this "should I do all this
thing instead of edit  the aliases file manually?? are you crazy!!!" but you
only need to do this only once, and then when you create or eliminate a list
all will be do automatically.
well a hope that this patch help someone .

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