[Mailman-Users] How about this for the error message?

Dan Delaney Dionysos at Dionysia.org
Tue Mar 23 16:37:09 CET 1999

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Christopher Petrilli wrote:
> I agree that it's obtrusive, but "oh by the way", the "defacto-standard"
> (which I believe Mailman follows, at least I've never gotten a complaint
> about it) is that signatures start with a double dash line, then
> carriage-return... al'la "--\n(.*)" Which means that it's getting
> confused where the "start" of your signature is... just so you know
> what's happening.

Point taken. But the sig was just an example. The example used a
week or so ago was when someone actually sends a message meant for a
human to the -request address. Now THAT would generate an obtrusive
reply! In that case, the "ignore after four unrecognized lines" idea
would be awefully helpful.

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