[Mailman-Users] How about this for the error message?

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Wed Mar 24 00:49:45 CET 1999

>>>>> "DD" == Dan Delaney <Dionysos at Dionysia.org> writes:

    DD> That's pretty darn obtrusive, and a little daunting to average
    DD> Joe Shmoe computer user who gets nervous when the computer
    DD> starts yelling at him about errors. So, how about the
    DD> following instead?

    DD> Here's another idea. Petidomo will STOP parsing the message
    DD> for commands if it gets FOUR unrecognized lines in a row. I
    DD> think that's a pretty darn good idea.

Me too.  So I implemented this (well, it's currently not configurable,
essentially hardcoded at 5).  Also what do you think of the following
error format?  That's about as close as I'm going to get for the next
release.  Still have a bunch of testing to do on MailCommandHandler.py 
before I check it in.


-------------------- snip snip --------------------
This is an automated response.

There were problems parsing the commands you sent to Mailman via the
administrative address stage-request at anthem.cnri.reston.va.us.  If you
want to reach the human being that manages this mailing list, please
send your message to stage-admin at anthem.cnri.reston.va.us.  The
following is a detailed description of the problems.

>>>>> Subject line ignored: testing
Command? Umbrella lists have other maillists as members, and so adm...
Command? like confirmation requests and passwords must not be sent ...
Command? member addresses - the sublists - but rather to the admini...
Command? of the sublists.  This routine picks the right address, co...

>>>>> Too many errors encountered; the rest of the message is ignored:
> regular member address to be their own administrative addresses.
> --
> Barry Warsaw

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