[Mailman-Users] RFC for List Message Header Fields

The List Server Administrator at UNH listadm at metaphor.unh.edu
Wed Mar 24 14:44:24 CET 1999


    I just discovered a new RFC for List Message Header Fields. Here is
    the form letter for List Managers trying to drum up support for this
    proposed standard.  This idea seems to fit with the list-centric vs.
    server-centric model that Mailman currently seems to be heading in.
    However I have seen the *-subscribe and *-unsubscribe aliases before,
    in LISTSERV which I think of as server-centric.  Also, note the use
    of *-request (in *-archive) as a conduit for commands, rather than
    feedback for a human.

    In any case, for what it is worth, here's that letter...

                                           The List Server Admin
                                           list.admin at unh.edu
                                           (currently Bill Costa)

[ http://www.nisto.com/listspec/letter-listmom.txt ]

This is a request for you to implement support for the List- header
fields defined in RFC2369. This will make mail list access easier for
your users.


The List- fields provide you with a standard method by which you can
consistently describe your mailing lists' command syntax so that client
applications can implement an interface to make list access easier for

As they are adopted and supported by email software developers, the List
header fields will make it easier for users to interact with email

The currently defined fields are List-Subscribe, List-Unsubscribe,
List-Help, List-Post, List-Owner and List-Archive. They describe
commands for subscribing, unsubscribing, retrieving help information,
posting to the list, contacting a human administrator and accessing
message archives.

For your list, the fields would appear as:

  List-Subscribe: <mailto:list-request at server?Body=subscribe%20list>
  List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:list-request at server?Body=unsubscribe%20list>
  List-Help: <mailto:list-request at server?Body=help>
  List-Post: <mailto:list at server>
  List-Owner: <mailto:listmom at server?Subject=listname>
  List-Archive: <mailto:list-request at server?Body=archives>,

Implementation guidelines for list managers and administrators are
available at:


Extended details on the List header fields are available from:


A mailing list for discussion is available at:

  <mailto:list-header at list.nisto.com?Subject=help>

Information on the format of mailto URLs:




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