[Mailman-Users] newbee question.

Bos, P.G.J. - SPLXM Pieter.Bos at klm.nl
Wed Mar 24 15:19:43 CET 1999

Thanks for the response.

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> From: 	Andy Carpenter[SMTP:Andy.Carpenter at cs.man.ac.uk]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, 24 March, 1999 11:56 AM
> To: 	mailman-users at python.org
> Subject: 	Re: [Mailman-Users] newbee question.
> When you compiled mailman you specified what group id it
> would run under.  This needs to match the group id that your
> web server runs.  It looks like your web server runs as group
> staff (1), so you need to use this when you configure mailman
> prior to compilation.
Not quite so,
my webserver runs as user nobody and group nobody, so I'm puzzled why
mailman is complaining about GID=1.
And where do I change this?

cheers Pieter.

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