[Mailman-Users] Addresses not being held

John C. Broman, Jr. stingray at wizard.net
Thu Mar 25 05:21:17 CET 1999

The ISP that hosts the the list I admin recently switched from MajorDomo to
Mailman.  What an inprovement!  But I'm having problems with a privacy

On the privacy page, I went to the section that's titled: "Addresses whose
postings are always held for approval"  and I typed an address of a test
account I have.  The address as I specified it is: xxxx at company.com.  Yet
messages from this account are NOT being held.

Ideas?  Perhaps since my test account tags the From address as "Proper
Name" <xxxx at company.com>.  Should this cause a problem?  Shouldn't Mailman
simply compare actual address and not the proper name also?


John Broman
List Owner
Corvette Restoration and Preservation List (CRPL)

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