[Mailman-Users] Posting filters not working/Passwords

John C. Broman, Jr. stingray at wizard.net
Thu Mar 25 05:36:57 CET 1999

I'm still having problems with setting my list to members-only.  When I set
it to members-only, everyone's messages bounce.  This applies to members
mass-subscribed when Mailman was installed for me as well as members who
joined (and confirmed) after the list was running on Mailman.

Here's what I have set:

Must posts be approved by an administrator?: No
Restrict posting privilege to list members?: Yes
Addresses of members accepted 
for posting to this list without 
implicit approval requirement: No addresses listed

Some other pertainent facts:
When my ISP transferred the membership roster from our old MajorDomo server
to mailman, they did (I think) a mass subscribe, and they did NOT ask these
existing 300 members to confirm.  Some of these transferred members are
able to request their passwords and they get back a pseudo-random 4
character password.  But some members complained they cannot get a
password.  And when they try to find their password, I (as admin) get a
message saying that that member "lacks a password".  Perhaps this is
causing the posting filter problem.

So, I have two questions:

1) What can I do, other that fix the passwords, that will allow me to set
my list to "Restrict posting privilege to list members"?

2)  How can I assign passwords to already subscribed members?  I have no
direct access to the machine that Mailman is installed on.


John Broman
List Owner
Corvette Restoration and Preservation List (CRPL)

>>bruce at perens.com wrote:
>>> Rather than remove it, provide a check box to enable/disable it per list
>>> in the admin forms, or per user in the user's options. Then everybody
>>> be happy.
>i think that the passwd option are very important when you set your
>user/subscriber option, if you dont have a passwd anybody can change your
>option :-( . i am sure that noone want this
>>> I won't give up subscription confirmation for anything, though. Too many
>>> my lists have been used to maliciously mail-bomb someone.
>>Now, confirmation I completely agree with.
>me too
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