[Mailman-Users] Posting filters not working/Passwords

Clark Evans clark.evans at manhattanproject.com
Thu Mar 25 06:05:42 CET 1999

"John C. Broman, Jr." wrote:
> 1) What can I do, other that fix the passwords, that will allow me to set
> my list to "Restrict posting privilege to list members"?

I had a similar problem, I had changed the 'public name for this list' 
by adding a space in it (even though it says very clearly only to 
change case).  Thus, it was rejecting the e-mail from others beacuse 
the list wasn't an exact match in the to/cc part of the header.

> 2)  How can I assign passwords to already subscribed members?  I have no
> direct access to the machine that Mailman is installed on.

I have the problem of blank passwords during a mass-subscribe
as well, here is the e-mail that is sent to me.  I've ignored
it so far...  

> -------- Original Message --------
> From: general-admin at jos.org
> Subject: General at jos.org user regveryj at jdcorp.deeree.com missing password!
> To: general-admin at jos.org
> Mailman noticed in .MailUserPassword() that:
>     User: 'regveryj at jdcorp.deeree.com'
>     List: general
> lacks a password.  Please notify the Mailman system manager at this
> site!

I apologize for being annoying/harsh in my past e-mail.  Mailman 
is way cool stuff -- I'm thrilled to be a user.  

Best Regards,

:) Clark Evans

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