[Mailman-Users] Posting filters not working/Passwords

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Thu Mar 25 06:13:29 CET 1999


I believe both of your problems will be fixed, or work-around-able in
the next beta, released RRSN.  You don't say what version of Mailman
you're using, so I'll assume 1.0b9.

>>>>> "JCBJ" == John C Broman, Jr <stingray at wizard.net> writes:

    JCBJ> 1) What can I do, other that fix the passwords, that will
    JCBJ> allow me to set my list to "Restrict posting privilege to
    JCBJ> list members"?

It seems that on some systems, using the envelope sender to check
against member addresses is broken.  Using the envelope sender over
the From: field is moderately less easy to spoof, but doesn't work for 
everyone.  The next release will have a system-wide default
USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER that can be set to false to use the From: field
always.  This ought to fix your problem (I may make this the default
for the final release).

    JCBJ> 2) How can I assign passwords to already subscribed members?
    JCBJ> I have no direct access to the machine that Mailman is
    JCBJ> installed on.

These members actually do have passwords.  The problem is that if the
user was subscribed with an address containing non-lower-case letters, 
the address matching code in the password mailer was broken.  This is
fixed in the next release.

My suggestion would be to upgrade to 1.0b10 when it's released.


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