[Mailman-Users] Mailman 1.0b9, password requirement.

Clark Evans clark.evans at manhattanproject.com
Thu Mar 25 18:02:48 CET 1999

This sounds wonderful, #2 sounds like a nice 
compromise!  Having the user confirm an unsubscribe
request is a very reasonable thing to do.  If they
have to confirm to subscribe, it is a 'reasonable'
that they would expect to confirm an unsubscribe.

I'm not sure if #3 is necessary, but I'm certain
that #2 would be sufficient to cover my needs.

Perhaps one more?

4. A way to unsubscribe from all of the lists for
   a given domain.

   Aka, the majordomo:  "unsubscribe * me at domain.com"

Thank you very much for your thoughtful 
proposition.  It's great.  Mailman rocks!


:) Clark Evans

"Barry A. Warsaw" wrote:
> Password-less unsubscribes have been thrashed about a lot.  I think
> the general concensus was that we should support the following
> list-wide options:
> 1. current situation -- password is required to unsub (yes you can do
>    this via email)
> 2. confirmation before unsub -- much like subscribing via the web.
>    you just need to hit reply.
> 3. confirmation after unsub -- don't require password or pre-unsub
>    confirm, just remove the addr but send an informational message
>    telling them what just happened (in the very rare case of malicious
>    unsub).
> Does this sound like it would cover what everybody wants?
> I seriously doubt this will make it in before 1.0.
> -Barry
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