[Mailman-Users] Re: Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Making two "connected" lists

Greg Connor gconnor at nekodojo.org
Sat Mar 27 17:17:47 CET 1999

>On Mon, 22 Mar, Greg Connor <gconnor at nekodojo.org> wrote:
>> I would like to make two "connected" lists...  The idea is that some
>> want to get "announcements only" and other users want "announcements
>> discussion".

At 05:39 PM 3/24/99 -0500, Ken Manheimer wrote:
>Check out the admin general-options long description for the "umbrella
>lists" option (search for "umbrella" on a list's general admin options
>page).  If i'm not mistaken, umbrella lists are specifically intended
>for what you're trying to do.  

Good info, thanks.

I specifically need to know, if I set up two lists, with some users on
x-announce and some on x-discussion, will the "umbrella list" option know
that anyone from EITHER list is authorized to post, under the members-only

That is, is the umbrella list option designed to be used with the "restrict
posting to members only" option?  Does anyone know this?  I am guessing
that it probably isn't.

If there is some slick way to send messages to both lists (either umbrella
list or a common alias) AND still restrict posting to members, that would
be great for what I want.  Otherwise, I'll probably just set posting to
"allow anyone" for both lists...

Thanks again.

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