[Mailman-Users] Re: List administration and moderation

Paul Barnett ptb at home.ptb.org
Sat Mar 27 19:01:59 CET 1999

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Subject: List adminstration and moderation

> Since I'm a new user (Mailman 1.0b9), I'm not sure if the "problem" I'm
> describing is actually a feature, but I'll submit it for consideration:
> When I first enter mailing list administration:
>     http://x/mailman/admin/test
> I get a demand for "Administrative Authentication".  That's expected, but
> I immediately click on "Tend to pending administrative requests":
>     http://x/mailman/admindb/test
> I get a second demand for "Administrative Authentication".  I thought this
> might be so that a list manager could specify a different password for
> moderation and thus let other people perform that function without giving
> them access to everything else, but I can't find the ability to specify
> option.
> Is there another reason it is demanding a password a second time?

I did a little more investigation on this one after installing 1.0b10.

It's probably an idiosyncrasy in M$ Internet Exploder.  I'm almost positive
I observed the above behavior on 4.0+SP1, and am definitely seeing it on 5.0
(the released version, not beta) for WinNT 4.0+SP4.

On the other hand, I don't see it on Netscape Navigator 4.51 for Linux
(Redhat 5.2, with a 2.2.3 kernel).

Of course, another variation is that the WinNT system is a remote system on
my (very small) network, while Netscape is running on the SAME system as the
mailing list software.

I believe I've seen the aberrant behavior on a "truly" remote system running
WinNT 4.0+SP3 and IE 4.0+SP1.  I'll confirm it at my next opportunity, but
won't follow up unless I find that it works correctly.

It's no big deal, but might be worth investigation in the future.  My guess
is that there is some slight difference in the two cookies that is confusing
Internet Exploder.

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