[Mailman-Users] Just installed 1.0b10 and have problem with call to non-function

Rupa Schomaker (list) rupa-list at rupa.com
Wed Mar 31 01:42:55 CEST 1999

"Rupa Schomaker (list)" <rupa-list at rupa.com> writes:

> I'm not very familiar with python, so I'm not sure if I have enough
> info here, but...  I just installed mailman (attempting to move from
> SmartList) and from what I've seen it is quite impresive.  However, I
> see the following error when subscribing or unsubscribing (though not
> 100% consistant).

Ok, I figured out the problem with this one.  I ignored the advice in
INSTALL and did the "make install" step as root.  It was a permission
problem and has been fixed.  I think I'd still have the problem if one 
of the other modules attempted to log but if we never ask to log
python doesn't complain about missing the LogMsg function.

Now on to other things.

1) I had to rename $prefix/scripts/dumb_deliver to
   $prefix/scripts/deliver -- is this ok?  Should I have been doing
   something else?  I use postfix as a mailer, but it provides a
   sendmail compatible interface.  But even that should matter, since
   mailman uses smtp.

2) If I've turned off montly reminders about passwords, the welcome
   message still says they'll go out.  I assume this is a "its still
   beta, don't worry about it" problem, but maybe not...

3) The big one, moderation.  (and the whole reason I'm switching from
   SmartList to Mailman.  I setup the list to send immediate notices when 
   new requests come in.  I also said yes to whether to send mail to the
   poster if the posting is held for approval.  When I send an email to
   the list, the email is put into the list's database and I can (from
   the web) administratively approve/reject the submission.  However,
   neither the person submitting the message nor the admin get any email
   notification.  If I manually run checkdbs (like it is in the cron) I
   don't receive an email.  Manually running I notice that something *is* 
   sent to the -admin address of the list.
   [mailman at gw cron]$ /usr/bin/python /home/mailman/cron/checkdbs -v
   test 3 test-admin at rupa.com
   But nothing bounces back around for me.  If I add my email address to
   the test-admin alias I get a copy.  So it looks like wrapper mailowner 
   test doesn't forward the email to myself.  <ponder> actually,
   Aha, I think I know what this one is.  Postfix uses a header to look
   for mail loops.  If mailman doesn't strip this header (Delivered-To:)
   then when it tries to deliver to itself again postfix treats it as a
   Is there a way to tell mailman to strip a header before forwarding the 
   message to itself (or outside)?

4) Related to moderation.  How do I go about editing a message?  I
   want to reformat and/or add comments to messages I approve.  With
   smartlist, I make the changes to the message and then resend in the
   message with the Approved: header.  How would I do the equivalent with 

I guess thats it, more to come in the future, I'm sure.

Rupa (rupa at rupa.com for normal email)
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