[Mailman-Users] changing defaults

Greg Stein gstein at lyra.org
Wed Mar 31 23:39:08 CEST 1999

Alan Neiman wrote:
> I have found the "defaults.py" and the "mm_cfg.py" files, and I've been able to
> change almost all the defaults we want to.  I do have a problem with the
> archives.  We would like it turned off, and can't get that part working.  I have
> added/changed the following line in both files, but the lists are still being
> created with archives turned on.

the defaults are used at list creation time to populate the new lists'
configuration. The system doesn't defer back to the original defaults,
so you'll need to adjust each of your current lists to turn off


Greg Stein, http://www.lyra.org/

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