[Mailman-Users] Re: Usenet gating and archiving

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Mon May 3 22:23:25 CEST 1999

>>>>> "SS" == Stephan Spencer <sms at netconcepts.com> writes:

    SS> We're using Mailman to gateway a Usenet newsgroup and email
    SS> list. I'm curious, is that "severe breakage" in the archives
    SS> that Barry Warsaw mentioned in his Apr 2 post fixed yet?

Yes, as Ben Gertzfield mentioned in a separate article, this was fixed
in 1.0b11.  What wasn't fixed is any /existing/ archives.  You'd have
to go back into the raw text file and insert the Unix From headers
(e.g. "From ") in the appropriate places, and then regenerate the
archives (with bin/arch).

    SS> What Usenet newsgroups out there are being successfully
    SS> moderated using Mailman? misc.industry.printing is the only
    SS> one that I know of.

comp.lang.python and comp.lang.python.announce are now both being
gated from Mailman lists (respectively, python-list at python.org and
python-announce-list at python.org).

The announce list is interesting because the newsgroup c.l.py.a is
moderated so you don't want messages posted to
python-announce-list at python.org to go to the mailing list members or
actually be gated to the n.g.

The trick I came up with is to set the python-announce-list alias to
send directly to the n.g. moderators and /not/ to Mailman's
post-wrapper.  When the n.g. moderator approves of the message,
they'll forward it on to the n.g.  When Mailman sees the message show
up on the n.g. it forwards it on to the list members pre-approved and
without going through the aliases file again.  So far, I /think/ this
is working pretty well.


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