[Mailman-Users] [ANNOUNCE] Mailman 1.0rc1

bwarsaw at python.org bwarsaw at python.org
Wed May 5 00:32:52 CEST 1999

Hi folks,

Mailman 1.0 release candidate 1 (1.0rc1) has just been uploaded to
www.list.org.  Barring any major screwups by me, this will be the
final 1.0 release.  The next step is to create the GNU web pages.  I
just want to personally thank everyone who's helped with ideas,
contributions, suggestions, and support in getting us to where we

Here are a few things to note about this release:

- We have a logo contest winner!  By a narrow margin, Dragon's logo
  has won.  My thanks to the other 3 logo creators; in different ways
  I liked them all, and they are all much better than /I/ could ever
  have done!

  Mailman will now display Dragon's small logo on (most) generated
  pages; I may have missed a few, but those will all be fixed when we
  revamp the page designs after 1.0.

  You need to read the instructions in the INSTALL file for putting
  mailman.gif in a place that your Web server can find them, and for
  setting up the img src URL.  Comments on how to improve this manual
  installation step would be appreciated.

- There is a new cron/mailpasswd script which groups users by virtual
  domains if mm_cfg.VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW is true (the default).
  While I've tested this feature, I would /really/ appreciate some
  more detailed testing by you folks who run multiple virtual domains
  (hi Greg S. :-).  Please, let's not wait until June 1 to find out
  something is broken, but also be careful not to spam too many of
  your users!

- If anybody feels like they are being left out of the
  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS file, or have any other updates for this file,
  please send them directly to me.  I haven't kept up with this as
  well as I should have, so don't be shy. :-)

That's all I can think of.  Grab the tarball from



P.S. I'll probably somewhat unresponsive to the mailing lists for a
while.  I need to concentrate on getting the next JPython release

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