[Mailman-Users] [Q] pipermail status & more

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at uwm.edu
Tue May 11 08:16:29 CEST 1999

Hi Mailmen,

thanks for this nice mailing list management software. 
I'm trying it out and it looks quite nice to far.
But I have a couple of questions.

Archiving: As pipermail is declared obsolete by its author,
what is the status of this package. It seems to be partially supported
by the mailman authors. Will it be supported?

Otherwise I think that mailman doesn't necessarily need to support an
archiving and searching web engine. Most people want a ready to
go solution and it would be easy to produce that using
hypermail and htdig. IMO most people would benefit from having
easy to-go instructions for setting up hypermail and htdig.
(I guess that I am an advocate of modularisation.)
Of course a state of the art mailarchive program in python would be
nice. ;)

Mailinglist management:
	Is there an options to have other posts as coming 
	from the subscriber and the allowed mailing addresses
	to go to the moderators for approval?

	I guess that I can use the "posters" option to 
	add totally different list member posting email addresses
	(e.g if someone as a totally different login)
	Wouldn't it be better to have a user-manageable option
	for this?

Option HTML page:
	I don't like that I get a different Webbrowser windows,
	when I press (Details) . (Okay it is easy to change,
	but still I wanted to let you know, that I don't like it.) :)

Kind Regards,

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