[Mailman-Users] system performance

Ricardo Kustner ricardo at miss-janet.com
Wed May 12 11:34:49 CEST 1999


i'm running a mailman mailinglist on a Linux system... it also has
mysql and apache running and since it isnt too powerfull (due to lack of
finances... it has only 32mb and a P100 processor) i have to make sure the
programs running dont eat to much processor time/memory... it was running fine
untill i started using mailman+exim on it... the mailinglist has 646
subscribers right now and sometimes the system load on the machine grows
terribly when moderated mail is being approved on the list...(this morning
it took me 30 minutes to telnet to the machine and issue a shutdown)
what i want to do is to have a bit more delay between sending out the messages
to the subscribers (since it's moderated anyway it doesnt matter if a post
takes several minutes to be send out)... how can i accomplish this with
mailman? or do i have to tweak something in exim?

ps: one tip, since exim does a ident lookup with every smtp connection,
i changed the exim configuration not to do this for localhost connections 
since mailman makes a smtp connection to the localhost with *every* message
it sends out: your logs grow very fast and there's a lot of unnessary system
load IMHO...


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