[Mailman-Users] admindb features

Ricardo Kustner ricardo at miss-janet.com
Thu May 13 14:59:30 CEST 1999


Here are some Moderate features I think would be really usefull in mailman:

1. an option to resend / forward a message held for approval to a certain 
   e-mail address.
   why? sometimes you don't want to accept a post on the mailinglist, but
   you want to be able to show it to others (fellow moderators for example)
2. filter html... s/</&lt;/g (forgive me, i'm a perl programmer :) )
   why? html messages with background, plugins, javascript and other crap
   mess up the pending message page. Which makes me wonder if it's any kind
   of security leak for people to be able to write javascript that will be
   run on *your* site.
3. only show attachment filenames / types instead of the MIME base64...
   why? if somebody sends a 1mb attachment to the list, it takes quite a while
   to view the pending page... and small attachments just mess it up...
   oh and plain-text digests aren't getting any better with attachments :(
4. the TODO says : "allow the admin to edit posts in the database (put a header
   in the post noting that it was edited by a moderator, however!) "
   what would be a better alternative IMHO is to allow the admin to add
   a comment on top of the message to be send to the list... the adimdb page
   could have a "add comment" textarea with every post held for approval...
   accepting a post with a non-empty comment could then add it to the post
   before it is send out to the list... 


   From: wimp at email.com
   To: mailman-users at python.org
   Subject: blah blah

   >Read the INSTALL file in the source tree!

   how can i install mailman on my redhat linux system?


i'm going to try to make these changes in my running mailman myself, but i dont
have much experience with python yet so i probably won't Do It The Right Way
(tm) ... but hopefully some of the features will appear in a future release of


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