[Mailman-Users] Re: Usenet gating and archiving

Stephan Spencer sms at netconcepts.com
Fri May 21 06:18:49 CEST 1999

The magic that the moderators do (I've been one in the past) is just a
laborious cut and paste of the message that comes in, reformatting the
header by hand and reposting it to the newsgroup with the addition of a
line to the message header like so:

Approved: [any email address]

When there is an "Approved" line in a newsgroup post, it will magically
get posted to the moderated group. Mailman has a great interface for
moderating a list. It would be a shame if we couldn't use it for
moderating a newsgroup (and its list gateway). My wish would be the

    Add a question to the Usenet gating administration page after the
    spot where you prompt for the name of the newsgroup:
    "Is this a newsgroup that you moderate? [ ] yes  [ ] no"

    If the list administrator checks "yes", then when the message gets
    approved from the "Tend to pending administrative requests"
    moderation interface in Mailman, that approved message gets posted to
    Usenet with an additional line present in the header:
    "Approved: [list admin's  email address]

    This eliminates the need of having 2 lists, and allows me to use
    Mailman to moderate the newsgroup (and the list gateway).

What do you think?


On Tue, 18 May 1999, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> Normally, people wanting to make announcements should send them to
> python-announce at python.org.  These get forwarded to the moderators,
> and when approved eventually show up on the n.g. (how the moderators
> actually do this is magic to me :-).

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