[Mailman-Users] stalled / locks?... corrupted database :(

Michael Finselbach M.Finselbach at gmx.de
Sat May 22 17:56:33 CEST 1999

Ricardo Kustner wrote:
> On 18-May-99 Ricardo Kustner wrote:
> >> When I approve a post in the admindb interface (mailman rc1), the connection
> >> "stalls" for several seconds after the new page has been brought up... the
> >> weird thing is that the full html output has been displayed on the browser,
> >> but apperantly, the http connection isn't closed immediately after this...
> >> could this be a lock-file problem?
> > i reply to my own post... when i approve a post and do a ps -ax on the
> > server, i can see python hanging around as a "zombie" process during the
> > stall-time of a the approval submit...
> i feel really stupid for being the only one to reply to my *own* posts...
> (i guess nobody is taking me seriously??... :) )

Well, of course "we" all do ...
I seem to have a similar problem -I mean, being the only one responding
to my own mails. In contrast to you, I didn't find an answer - so I take the
liberty to repost my original question:

After having been asked to approve a mail send to a list, I go to the
proposed webpage, enter my admin-pwd, klick on the approve button, submit the
page - to no effect. 
The mail this lingers around, waiting to be approved. I am being asked for
my pwd again, and could move around in that circle endlessly...
If I ask my colleage (and webmaster, hence supposedly working with other rigths)
it works. 

What am i missing ? (i will write again as I, as soon as my "approve" rights have
grown accordingly :-))

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