[Mailman-Users] Errors with > 1000 members.

Dan Busarow dan at dpcsys.com
Fri May 28 03:44:09 CEST 1999

On 28 May 1999, Harald Meland wrote:
> [Clark Evans]
> > As I was adding users to a list (probably around a thousand?), I got
> > the error at the bottom.
> I have experimented somewhat with adding lots of users to Mailman
> lists, and found that if the mass subscribe process takes to long, the
> CGI script is killed off by the server (and leaves me with a Netscape
> popup window saying "Document contained no data").
> Apparently, for Apache, the appropriate config option is "Timeout" --
> which defaults to 300 (= 5 minutes).
> If the server kills off the CGI script at a bad time -- in the middle
> of saving the list config db -- you'll experience problems like you
> describe.
> The solution is to replace the list's corrupted config.db with the
> previous version, called config.db.last.
> Possible solutions I can think of:
>  * Speeding up the mass subscribe processing:
>    Currently, when adding lots of members from the web interface, the
>    list config db is saved after each addition, and then finally once
>    more at the end.

It does this when using the command line add_members too.

How about a new option to add_members that skips the config file
update?  Should be safer than doing it via CGI.

And *why* would you want to add 1000+ members from the web interface?
It's got to be a lot easier to give add_members a massaged 
list[proc|serv]/majorodom file than pasting in the addresses.

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