[Mailman-Users] POP3 Accounts

Christopher Schulte christopher at schulte.org
Thu Nov 4 06:43:50 CET 1999

Um.......... no.  You do *not* need to create any 'pop' accounts
for every list you serve with mailman.

You do need to create some alias entries for your MTA, but
that does not have to mean that a pop account is also created.

On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 05:05:02PM +0100, Martin wrote:
> Hi
> CB>         This probably a terribly dumb question, but...
> The only dumb questions, are those we never find any answers to!  :)
> CB>         In using Mailman, do I need to create a POP3
> CB> account for each mail list?
> No! - you need one - and then you need to make an entry for each list
> in the aliases file! (look in the documentation for an example on this
> - there is a pretty good walkthrough on how to create a mailing list
> called test)
> 'Martin
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