[Mailman-Users] Help!

Pete Holsberg pjh at mccc.edu
Fri Nov 5 18:04:30 CET 1999

What is the name of the CGI wrapper program?

I deleted everything from /home/mailman and did a 

./configure --with-mail-gid=8 --with-cgi-gid=60001

I then did a make install and created a test list with me
as admin. I went to the URL in the email that was sent and
it says:

The expected gid of the Mailman CGI wrapper did not match
the gid as set by the Web server.

The most likely cause is that Mailman was configured and
installed incorrectly. Please read the INSTALL instructions
again, paying close attention to the --with-cgi-gid
configure option. This entry is being stored in your

Failure to exec script. WANTED gid 60001, GOT gid 70. 
(Reconfigure to take 70?)

What does "WANTED gid 60001" mean?

What does "GOT gid 70" mean?


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