[Mailman-Users] archives search engine?

Jonathan F. Dill dill at umbi.umd.edu
Mon Nov 8 20:49:49 CET 1999


Has anyone tried setting up a search engine such as Webglimpse
http://tucson.com/webglimpse/ to search mailman list archives?  Any

A couple more issues that I'll probably put into separate posts later:

Handling e-mail to listserv@ or majordomo@:  Is there some alias that
people having been setting up with mailman to handle mail sent to those
addresses, like maybe some bogus list like "mailman-info" rather than
sending explicitly to some-list-request@?

Multiple From: addresses--I use 2 different From: addresses, one for
home, and one for work (but all incoming e-mail is delivered to a single
IMAP server that I use to read my mail).  When I'm the admin of the
list, it's easy enough to specify that mail from the other address is
OK, but when I'm not the admin (such as for this list, for example) the
simplest approach I could think of was to subscribe both addresses and
set one to "nomail" though it remains to be seen if I can still send
messages when the "From:" address is set to nomail.  If I can still send
mail when my address is set to nomail, should that be considered a
serious loophole for spammers i.e. they could subscribe to the list and
set nomail and then spam away while ignoring the posts to the list.

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