[Mailman-Users] Help requested

Alan W. Ray awray at etexcom.net
Wed Nov 10 17:52:29 CET 1999

I asked this several days ago, but haven't rec any suggestions.  So, I
ask again.  Everything in mailman works great for me except for
subscription or change to subscription requests made via the Web
interface.  When someone attempts to subscribe via the listinfo web
page after entering a correct e-mail address and a password, they get
the following:

Test Subscription results

You must supply a valid email address.
You must supply a valid password, and confirm it.

Does anyone have a suggestion to give me as to how I can fix this? 
I've tried several different installation options but to no avail. 
Presently, all perms check out and everything via e-mail works
correctly. All Admin tweaks/configurations via the Web interface also
work correctly. I am runing under Mandrake Linux 6.1

Alan W. Ray <|> ICQ #2994497

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