[Mailman-Users] Cabalists and Users, A question of usage...

Robert Baskerville Robert at Baskerville.Net
Wed Nov 10 21:24:51 CET 1999

Dan Busarow wrote:
> > 
> > I believe this project might also benefit from the facility of handling
> > lists in multiple domains on a single system. Has *nobody* tried this?
> We do.  I'm sure plenty of others do too.  What kind of problems
> are you having?

Well, most such installations I have seen that do this suffer from a
problem. If your site handles lists in domain a.com and domain b.com
can you have *different* lists of the *same* name in the two (or more)
domains? Majordomo can easily be fooled into handling lists which appear
in more than one domain, but to have foo at a.com and foo at b.com as different
distinct lists on the same system tends not to work.

I have see two majordomo setups that *can* handle this, but they are
not quite "out of the box".

Robert Baskerville

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