[Mailman-Users] Cabalists and Users, A question of usage...

Noah sitz at onastick.net
Wed Nov 10 21:45:23 CET 1999

On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Robert Baskerville wrote:

> Majordomo can easily be fooled into handling lists which appear in
> more than one domain, but to have foo at a.com and foo at b.com as different
> distinct lists on the same system tends not to work.
> I have see two majordomo setups that *can* handle this, but they are
> not quite "out of the box".

Yes. This functionality would be a Good Thing(tm). I Am Not A Coder, but I
wouldn't think that addition of this would be all *that* difficult. When
creating the list prompt for alternate domain, (maybe) run a check to be
sure that this machine can recieve mail for the requested domain, create
an extra directory (/path/to/mailman/<domain>/<listname>/.

What else am I missing? Lots, most likely. :)

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