[Mailman-Users] Cabalists and Users, A question of usage...

Robert Robert at grapevine2.com
Wed Nov 10 22:14:08 CET 1999

At 08:24 PM 11/10/99 +0000, Robert Baskerville wrote:
>Dan Busarow wrote:
> > >
> > > I believe this project might also benefit from the facility of handling
> > > lists in multiple domains on a single system. Has *nobody* tried this?
> >
> > We do.  I'm sure plenty of others do too.  What kind of problems
> > are you having?

I have done this type of setup successfully in my Mailing list manager. We 
handle several large mailing lists which we configured the Mailman to work 
with multi-domain names. But, you would need a good server (like ours, at 
Grapevine2 Internet's, www.gv2.net) to be very flexible in setting up the 
domain names to work with Mailman mailing list server.

Here are required steps to make multi-domain names to work on same server 

1) Assuming you have already installed mailman in /home/mailman directory, 
you would need to create the symbolic link for that to the root user's 
directory (web hosting?)
cd /home/www/yourname (your personal directory where it's used for webhosting)
ln -s mailman /home/mailman  (i prefer to use this method, which works fine.)

2) Open your admin.cgi/maillist webpage (note: maillist - any names that 
you created for the mailing list) and select General Options

3) Change "Host name this list prefers" to specific domain name. Ex: 
domainname.com. Previous default server name would be 
poseidon.grapevine2.net, with poseidon as the local host name. (NOTE: for 
reference only. Do not copy that names to your server!)

4) Change "Base URL for Mailman web interface to: 

5) Assuming you have the info as shown below in your aliases file (in /etc) 
as shown below:

maillist:                    "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post maillist"
maillist-admin:              "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner maillist"
maillist-request:            "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd maillist"
owner-maillist:              webmaster at domainname.com
maillist-owner:              webmaster at domainname.com

Add the virtual Email addresses to the virtusertable:
maillist at domainname.com         ->   maillist at poseidon.grapevine2.net
maillist-admin at domainname.com   ->   maillist-admin at poseidon.grapevine2.net
maillist-request at domainname.com ->   maillist-request at poseidon.grapevine2.net

When you are done, type "make" to update the db files.

Of course, test the mailing list..to make sure that the settings are 
working correctly.

Good luck!

Grapevine2 Internet

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