[Mailman-Users] Using htdig for archive searches

Matthew Sachs matthewg at zevils.com
Thu Nov 11 23:18:39 CET 1999

I've installed ht://Dig and set it to index my mailing list archives.  I
want to add some HTML to the archives index of my list to allow archive
searches (adding the search terms listname and pipermail to whatever the
user types in will make sure the search only returns results for that
particular mailing list and not for other things on my site.)

First I tried editing the archives index page for my lists using the
web-based admin stuff, but that didn't do anything.  (What is the archives
index page?  It doesn't seem to be the archives index.)

Then I edited HyperArch.py, but that didn't do anything either.  It looks
like changes to that don't take effect until the next time the archive
index is regenerated (next month?)

So how do I edit that page?  Is it possible?  I guess I could just put a
"Search the listname archives" page on the general list information page,
but it would make more sense for it to go with the rest of the archives

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