[Mailman-Users] Using htdig for archive searches

Matthew Sachs matthewg at zevils.com
Sat Nov 13 01:58:04 CET 1999

On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Richard Ellerbrock wrote:

> >
> >I've installed ht://Dig and set it to index my mailing list archives.  I
> >want to add some HTML to the archives index of my list to allow archive
> >searches (adding the search terms listname and pipermail to whatever the
> >user types in will make sure the search only returns results for that
> >particular mailing list and not for other things on my site.)
> >
> >First I tried editing the archives index page for my lists using the
> >web-based admin stuff, but that didn't do anything.  (What is the archives
> >index page?  It doesn't seem to be the archives index.)
> No, don't do that! The trick is to modify the htdig search page to tell it where to start the search. This is done by passing a "restrict" variable to htdig via your html. Here is my search page that demonstrates that.
> Using this method, you can have a many search pages as you like all using the same htdig database. Works really well.
> Sorry for sending an attachment to the list, but it is really small.

Great, that's much nicer than my solution.  But can I link to it from the
archives page (i.e. http://lists.zevils.com/pipermail/openslash/) ?

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