[Mailman-Users] Additional Features ??

Phillip Porch root at theporch.com
Sat Nov 13 04:23:56 CET 1999

On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, AE wrote:

> A second message received today was to ask if there was a way to block any 
> message that contains an attachment.  The best thing I could tell him, was 
> to set the "Maximum length in Kb of a message body. Use 0 for no limit." 
> back to 40 and hope that the attachment is larger than 40K.  This is 
> ovbiously not a great solution.

I have a python script that strips attachments unless they are plain/text.
I also have a version written in perl for those who prefer that. It is
called in a pipeline called from the sendmail alias for the list. I would
be happy to share this with anyone who wants. It is being distributed
under the GNU GPL.

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