[Mailman-Users] Subscribing sub-lists to a list.

Danielle Moorhead (EPA) Danielle.Moorhead at ericsson.com.au
Wed Nov 17 06:31:12 CET 1999

Hi all,

I've created a list and subscribed three sub-lists to it.
All four lists are configured to send replies to the poster, however when a
subscriber from a sub-list replies to an email sent to the main list,this
reply goes to all the subscribers on the sub-list and not to the poster at
all.  Also, I have entered my email address into the authority to post area
on all four lists, yet when I send an email I have to go into every list and
accept the post.
What I need to know is whether Mailman can handle having lists within a
list, and if it can then why are the replies going to the sub list members
and not to the poster?  And why when I have authority to mail to all the
lists do I still have to go to the admin pages and accept the post for both
the parent list and the sub-lists?

I hope someone can help, I'm at a loss to know what to do......


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