[Mailman-Users] optimizing mail delivery

Klaubert Herr da Silveira klaubert at bcb.gov.br
Wed Nov 17 14:52:23 CET 1999

I have a mailing-list, where only I post. And 2000 users are subscribed
on it

I searched on the mailman list archive, FAQ and other places, but I
couldn't find a proper answer, so I'm asking here.

Many users of the mailing-list are on the same domain. I'd like know if
the mailman send the e-mail addresses to sendmail (my MTA) in domain
order, or if it ignore this, sending with no order. Or if sendmail can
do this job (is it the default?), optimizing the transfer of the message
to the list. How this work?

thanks in advance,
Klaubert Herr

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