[Mailman-Users] optimizing mail delivery

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at xcski.com
Wed Nov 17 15:14:58 CET 1999

Quoting Klaubert Herr da Silveira (klaubert at bcb.gov.br):
> Many users of the mailing-list are on the same domain. I'd like know if
> the mailman send the e-mail addresses to sendmail (my MTA) in domain
> order, or if it ignore this, sending with no order. Or if sendmail can
> do this job (is it the default?), optimizing the transfer of the message
> to the list. How this work?

>From looking at my sendmail logs, mailman does the right thing when it splits
up a message to multiple MTA processes and gives all the messages for people
@panix.com to the same process, etc.  And sendmail *definitely* does the right
thing and sends only one message to panix.com.

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