[Mailman-Users] Re: Message approval.

Tom Geller tom at suespammers.org
Wed Nov 17 20:11:22 CET 1999

Igor Dukhovich <idukhovich at ptc.com> asks:

>    Reason held:  Too many recipients.
>Is it possible to configure mailman and approve a message automatically?

I'm not sure whether it's possible to circumvent the approval process in 
all circumstances, but you can change the configuration so Mailmain won't 
bother you about "Too many recipients".

1) Go to the administration page

2) Click on "Privacy Options". (You can also get here directly via

3) For "Ceiling on acceptable number of recipients for a posting", 
   change the value to zero.

You can do this with a variety of other options that would cause messages 
to be held: Look through all the configuration pages.

But I'd be VERY careful about turning off message moderation entirely. 
Those functions are there for a reason. Without them, you may find your 
list flooded with cross-posted messages, spam, bounces, administrative 
requests and other crap.

Good luck!

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