[Mailman-Users] optimizing mail delivery

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at xcski.com
Wed Nov 17 20:47:53 CET 1999

Quoting J C Lawrence (claw at cp.net):
> Sendmail will not do this for you.  MailMan can be persuaded to, but

Wrong.  Sendmail *does* do this for you.  If you have a bunch of  people on a
list in random order, sendmail will work through the list in order, but every
time it connects to a domain, it will send one message to *all* the members of
the list at that domain.  One of my most popular lists has at least 30% of its
subscribers at panix.com, and another 10% at best.com.  When it was on
majordomo, the entire list was passed off to sendmail in one chunk.  Since one
of the panix.com people is first on the list, all the panixians got their mail
first, then a few more people, then all the people at best.com, etc.  Now that
I'm using mailman, and it's split into 5 chunks, I've noticed that one of the
chunks is all panixians, which goes in one message to panix, and one of the
chunks is almost all bestians, which also goes in one message.

Paul Tomblin, not speaking for anybody.
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