[Mailman-Users] Zope - Mailman

Marco Beri marcob at equalis.it
Thu Nov 18 01:29:00 CET 1999

Hi everyone.
I need to build a site where my customer has to create, delete and manage 
mailing lists. I want to give him the ability to do that but he doesn't 
(and doesn't want to) know anything about Mailman, Zope, html. The mailing 
lists are not public and he decides who participate which list.
Do you think I can do that interfacing in some way Zope with Mailman? Or Do 
I need to modify Mailman? Or does Mailman already have these features?
Many thanks for your time.
P.S. As you may imagine, I never used Mailman and I just need a direction 
to start working.

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