[Mailman-Users] Admin Pages not working in Debian

mgarside at lakefieldcs.on.ca mgarside at lakefieldcs.on.ca
Thu Nov 18 18:35:09 CET 1999

Here is my situation. 

I am running the latest version of Debian (potato) with an exim 
mailserver.  Mailman is release 1.1-1, I can't seem to get any 
administrative tasks to work.  It does not save any of the changes that I 
have submitted under the web admin pages, it prompts me for a password 
with every change.  I am using Internet Explorer 5 with Cookie Support 

Things I have tried:

- I have added the Scriptalias and Alias that are recommended in the 
README.Debian file, restarted apache to reflect the changes
- I have made the recommended change in /etc/mailman/mm_cfg.py for cookies 
i.e. DEFAULT_URL       = 'http://info.lakefieldcs.on.ca/mailman'
- deleted any cookies on my laptop
- creation of lists and delivery of mails, subscriptions, etc work fine.

Any ideas?

Mike Garside

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