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Arshad Mahmood arshad at isb.sdnpk.org
Tue Nov 23 11:12:04 CET 1999

Hi every one,

We have our email servers in different centers 
and the mail addresses for differnet centers are 

user at center1.organasition.org   
user at center2.organasition.org
user at center3.organasition.org

These mail servers are not online (not using smtp), these are offline
email servers using UUCP setup. 

We want to use mailman for lists administration.

Every center has its own mailing lists which have same names. For exmaple  

abc is mailing list which is present in all the centers

abc at center1.organasition.org
abc at center2.organasition.org
abc at center3.organasition.org

These mailing lists are not global only email users at these centers are
subscribed at these mailing lists.

Now the question is that

Now consider the center1

All other mailing lists at center2 and center3 are subscribed at the
corresponding list. abc maling list at center2 and center3 is subscribed
at abc mailing list abc at center1.

1) Now if the user at center2 sends any posting to abc list at his own
center that is abc at center2.organisation.org , then that
posting should be send to all subscribers of abc list at center2 locally
by the email server at center2 and that posting should be send to the
other servers at othere centers. It is important because we have off line
email set up (UUCP). In this set up mail is queued at server and after 30
minutes or a hour this will be sent to other center.

How this will be managed, is it possible with mailman, how it will be

I think we shall run mailman at all centers. And we have mailing lists by
the same name at different centers.

How subscription will be made. If we have a central mailman server, and
suscribe the lists at all other centers at that server. Then should it be
possible to complete the restriction of point 1).

Arshad Mahmood


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