[Mailman-Users] Adding earlier entries to archive

Bór József jbor at ggki.hu
Tue Nov 23 15:04:26 CET 1999

We continued to maintain our mailing list with the Mailman manager. I
would like to add to the Mailman archive also the (saved) messages came
in while the previous manager was working. Messages were saved
individually with full header which, however, differs slightly from the
ones we see in the listname.mbox file.

I tried to thread all the former messages ordered by time and then
append the text in the listname.mbox to it, save as listname.mbox and
re-create the archives. Did not work.

Before threading I also tried minor modifications in the headers to make
the old messages look like the latest ones  - that didn't work also.

The archive re-creation process skips the old messages in listname.mbox
and anyhow it works on the number of messages came since the manager

Can my attempt be carried out? Please help. Sincerely Yours, Jozsef Bor
(jbor at ggki.hu)

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