[Mailman-Users] "error decoding authorisation cookie" + upgrade question

yvain yvain at gmp.usyd.edu.au
Sat Nov 20 09:05:59 CET 1999

Hi All,

    We are experiencing problems with some of our mailing lists.
Specifically, list administrators keep getting an "error decoding
authorisation cookie" error when they try and make changes on the admin
site for their list (or when they are trying to access the second and
onward chunks of users on the membership management page).

    I am running a vanilla version of mailman 1.0 (upgraded from
mailman-1.0b11), and we are using python 1.5.1 on a redhat linux 6.1
machine. What is frustrating is that i rarely see the same problem when
I access the admin pages from a netscape browser that is on MacOS or
Unix, but I can see them when using netscape from Win9x/NT.

    I have downloaded mailman 1.1 and was going to upgrade the system to
that, in the hope that the abovementioned bug would go away. The small
problem that occurred when I did this was that all of the list
administration passwords (and the site password) suddenly stopped
working. While I can simply create a new sitepass with mmsitepasswd,
that doesn't solve the problem of the list admin passwords on all of the

    please help!


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