[Mailman-Users] MailMan and Exim (local delivery problem)

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at vdata.co.uk
Wed Nov 24 17:12:36 CET 1999

ryant at thawte.com said:
> The /etc/alias file contains the correct MailMan aliases and I've run
> the checkperms script. I believe I have the correct users and groups
> set up. Is there anything else I can check? 

Its an exim error before you ever get to mailman.
Exim needs to know what uid/gid to run a pipe as.  This can be derived 
(ie a pipe in a .forward takes the uid/gid from the user who owns (in 
the exim sense) the .forward).  For system aliases there is not a 
sensible default (root is not a sensible default).  So you need to 
assign a user/group to the system aliases director.

Alternatively, look at

for an alternative approach

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