[Mailman-Users] Oooh, This Is Bad

Roy Rapoport rsr at inorganic.org
Thu Nov 25 09:33:56 CET 1999

This is not, thankfully, a request for help.  More of a commiseration.

I just converted approximately 400 mailing lists from /etc/aliases
:include: entries (eg 'list:   :include:/home/groups/list') to mailman
lists.  Thankfully, I did this in a scripted way, so it was a minimal

Eventually, each of these lists (internal to my company) will be owned by
the person actually owning the purpose of the list.  For now, our helpdesk
people, known as 'helpers@<company>', were set up as the owners for every
single list.

'helpers' is a mailman list.

'helpers' is the OWNER of the mailman list 'helpers'.

Which, I think, has something to do with why my server went to its knees
about 30 minutes ago trying to run more than 600 mailman-related processes,
all of whom seemed related to trying to email 'helpers'.



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