[Mailman-Users] Migration from Majordomo

Rick Niess rniess at netserver3.otr.usm.edu
Fri Nov 26 00:22:42 CET 1999

On 25 Nov 1999, Hrvoje Niksic wrote:
> > - If you plan on letting Majordomo and Mailman coexist for a while
> > so you can make the transition one list at a time with little or no
> > downtime (like I did), you'll need to rename Mailman's wrapper and
> > its alias in /etc/smrsh (assuming you're using Sendmail) to
> > something like mailman-wrapper to avoid stomping on Majordomo's
> > wrapper.
> Okay, I don't understand this one.  My /etc/aliases looks like this
> (mylist is a test list):
> So all wrappers are referenced with an absolute path, and I don't see
> a problem.

     It's primarily a problem with Sendmail.  Recent versions of Sendmail
don't allow an external program (pike procmail or wrapper) to be called
from /etc/aliases or from .forward files unless there is a symbolic link
to that program in /etc/smrsh (or whever the smrsh directory is on your
system).  I think "smrsh" is short of "SendMail Restricted SHell". Anyway,
both mailman and majordomo need to run wrappers, and they're both named
the same ("wrapper").  So you can't link both of them simultaneously from
/etc/smrsh unless you rename one.

> > Also, has anyone gotten in touch with the owners of Integral.org to
> > see what difficulties they've had?
> Um, do they have a home page?  www.integral.org does not appear
> useful.

     <giggle> It's useful in it's own way. ;-) Their lists are housed at
<http://lists.integral.org/mailman/>. (All are private, atm.)

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