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Fri Nov 26 02:05:22 CET 1999

On 25 Nov 1999 10:13:09 +0100 
Hrvoje Niksic <hniksic at iskon.hr> wrote:

> Speed also sounds like a potential problem.  Python is a great
> language, but the current implementation is horribly slow, even
> compared to other interpreters.  

You may wish to re-examine this factoid.  Ther performance curves of
Perl, Pythin, and Tcl are fairly comparable as long as you are
looking across the boards.  Each excells in some camps and suffers
in others.  Each allows slow, less than woderful code to be written
that executes unimpressively.  Happily each also allows good code to
be written that performs admirably for a tokenised/bytcoded

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