[Mailman-Users] On differents "wrappers" [WAS: Re: Migration from Majordomo]

Marco Mesturino sw_tools at beatles.cselt.it
Fri Nov 26 10:38:19 CET 1999

At 12:47 PM 11/25/1999 -0500, Hrvoje Niksic wrote:
>From: Hrvoje Niksic <hniksic at iskon.hr>
>Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Migration from Majordomo
>Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 10:13:09 +0100
> > downtime (like I did), you'll need to rename Mailman's wrapper and
> > its alias in /etc/smrsh (assuming you're using Sendmail) to
> > something like mailman-wrapper to avoid stomping on Majordomo's
> > wrapper.
>Okay, I don't understand this one.  My /etc/aliases looks like this
>(mylist is a test list):
>mylist:                  "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post mylist"
>OTOH, the majordomo stuff typically looks like this:
>embryo:                 "|/usr/local/lib/majordomo/wrapper resend -l
>So all wrappers are referenced with an absolute path, and I don't see
>a problem. (...)

The gentleperson You quote above uses 'sendmail restricted shell' (smrsh) 
as its "program" delivery agent in sendmail.cf, and smrsh strips away the 
leading path after the "|" commands in your /etc/aliases to go look for the 
base name into a special directory (e.g. /etc/smrsh). If the program is not 
there, smrsh does not run it. That means you need to put two "wrapper" 
links in the same directory, each one pointing to a different wrapper in 
two different dirs. Mybe it works: change a wrapper name in the 
/etc/aliases and make two different names for the links in the smrsh 
directory; no warranty implied :-)

This is true on a linux Mandrake 6.0 box we have. Other versions of 
sendmail may differ. Of course, if you use sh insted of smrsh the above 
does not apply.
Look in sendmail.cf for `Mprog,' directives.


----- Marco Mesturino <sw_tools at beatles.cselt.it>

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