Alvaro Herrera alvherre at c5.cl
Mon Nov 29 19:55:47 CET 1999

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> Exactly.  I've updated the comment in Defaults.py{.in} to read:
> # These variables control the use of an external archiver.  Normally if
> # archiving is turned on (see ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX above and the list's archive*
> # attributes) the internal Pipermail archiver is used.  This is the default if
> # both of these variables are set to false.  When either is set, the value
> # should be a shell command string which will get passed to os.popen().  This
> # string can contain $(listname)s for dictionary interpolation.  The name of

	% ?


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