[Mailman-Users] feature requests

Christopher Kolar ckolar at admin.aurora.edu
Fri Oct 1 16:10:51 CEST 1999

While beating on the documentation a few things came to mind.

1.  Any chance that the monthly reminder can be used by a bounce handler
script as a membership probe (good for low-volume lists).  Right now I
just get N bounce messages as mailman-owner but I do not see that the list
manager ever gets the information.

2.  How about adding an "invite" feature like on some of the commercial
list providers.  The invite would be non-binding, but a simple reply would
add the person to the list (I suppose that it would use most of the same
code that the sub-confirmation bits use).  See listbot and egroups if you
do not know what I am talking about.

3.  How about a chunk of html code that can be dropped into a web page
that would allow a person to just type in their e-mail and click to make a
sub request (also something that listbot/egroups do).  The request could
be handled like a normal sub request with a confirmation request being
sent out to the e-mail address that was entered.  Is this already possible
by hacking the listinfo page to remove everything but the field for e-mail
address and the submit button?  I deal with a lot of novice users and I
would like to take out a lot of the verbiage and the initial password



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